møns Klint - Vase series


M&R MønsKlint citrus staged.jpg

The story behind

The Møns Klint series is the outcome of traditional ceramic technique and a modern exploration of textures and form. The vase’s smooth, cylindrical column starkly contrasts its rough “broken” rim to produce a design that is at once original and sophisticated. Each piece is expertly handcrafted in fine porcelain, which lends strength to the vase’s delicate form. When turned on its head, the vase reminds us of the cliffs at Møns Klint, Denmark.

The series currently consists of a vase and 2 smaller bowls

  • Materials: Porcelain

  • Dimensions: Vary, unique to each piece. Vase - H:20cm Ø:10cm / Bowl 1 - H:6cm Ø:8cm / Bowl 2 - H:4cm Ø:16cm       

  • Care instructions: Damp cloth