Cushion : SMOCK Lightgrey/Lightgrey

Cushion : SMOCK Lightgrey/Lightgrey

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Not Your Average Textile: Revive

Revive is made from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester (PET), in this case plastic bottles. The textiles are made using a process that is much more efficient than virgin polyesters, which results in less energy and chemicals being used and CO2 emissions are minimised. Revive is combined with the fabric, Divina Melange 2, which is a new 100% wool, made from natural fibres from a sustainable resource. Go to for more information.


Sewn by Hand: Smocking

Artisan, Laura Jørgensen created the smocking decoration by sewing the pattern on the inside of the wool, before turning it over to reveal the distinctive form. Before Laura can do this, each piece of wool is carefully measured and cut out, then a template is placed on the wool and a pattern marked out to ensure that she ‘pinches’ the fabric in the right places to create the smocking. This is only feasible by hand and cannot be mimicked by machine. This makes for a long production process, but ensures that this product is solely created by human hand. The two textiles are then sewn together to create this distinctive cushion, allowing møbel og rum to showcase this wonderfully expressive and detailed journey through storytelling.


Details That Matter

The inner cushion is sourced from the Danish company, Søms, and is Oeko-Tex certified and made from a combination of EU sourced feathers and HCN fibres.

All manufacturing takes place at Huset Venture, Ballerup which ensures two important details. The first is the great care that is taken to perfect the finishing details: hiding the zipper, ensuring the corners are sharp and checking that the quality is consistent throughout.

The second is that Huset Venture is a socio-economic, nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people with mental, physical or social barriers succeed in the workplace.

Rest your head on one of these cushions knowing you have helped make a difference.



Laura Jørgensen