'Satellite' - Table Mirror

'Satellite' - Table Mirror


This version of the Satellite mirror is a true smoked oak version. It invites you to pick it up and move it about as you discover new things around you or simply see how your new necklace or earrings look on you. Some people just want to twirl it around, because it can and its playful nature invites you to do so. Being made from 6 evenly sized piece of oak, each mirror has it only unique qualities and patterns, that give each piece its caracteristics.

  • Dimensions : Ø240mm
  • Material : European Oak & Glass
  • Care Instructions : Clean with damp cloth only
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European Oak

A beautiful object shouldn’t come at the cost of a beautiful forest, which is why each table mirror is crafted from sustainably sourced oak. When sourcing wood from Germany, you are insured that it come from forests that are replanted and keep to the stringent laws of the EU.


Modern Technology: Respected Craftsmanship

Before manufacturing begins, each piece of wood is carefully selected for its quality and character. Measures are taken to ensure the wood has been correctly dried, to prevent flaws.

The mirror is crafted from several equally sized sections of wood to minimize waste. Once glued together, a CNC router machine transforms the blocks into the eloquent shape you see before you.

The wood is then sanded by hand to remove any last splinters and bumps before a natural oil is applied to protect it from the elements, while preserving as natural a finished as possible.

Finally, the glass, which is sourced locally, is inserted by hand and the entire piece is given a once over to make sure that it lives up to our high standards of craftsmanship and quality.


Details That Matter

Like all our products, each stage of production considers social and environmental impacts as much as the final, visual result.

The mirrors are assembled at Hans Kundsens Institut, which is a socio-economic, nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people with mental, physical or social barriers succeed in the workplace.

In addition to using sustainable wood and minimizing waste, all excess material is collected and recycled in accordance with Danish standards.

The accompanying box to the mirror is also hand crafted at Hans Kundsens Institut, which lies in the heart of Nørrebro, Copenhagen.
No harsh chemical finishes are used, meaning this piece will age with time, giving it a darker and more refined look.

All production and assembly takes place in Denmark, minimizing the effects on the environment.


The Designer

Christoffer Skjøtt