'Møns Klint' Porcelain vase

'Møns Klint' Porcelain vase


Møns Klint is the outcome of traditional ceramic technique and a modern exploration of textures and form. The vase’s smooth, cylindrical column starkly contrasts its rough “broken” rim to produce a design that is at once original and sophisticated. Each piece is expertly handcrafted in fine porcelain, which lends strength to the vase’s delicate form. When turned on its head, the vase reminds us of the cliffs at Møns Klint, Denmark.

Materials: Porcelain
Dimensions: Vary, unique to each vase. Approx. H: 20 cm Ø: 10 cm          
Care instructions: Damp cloth

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Strength and Elegance

The porcelain is heated to the highest temperature the kiln can handle to vitrify and harden the material as much as possible, making it strong and allowing an elegant look and feel.


Hand Crafted

The process begins with the creation of the master mould for each vase. Once formed, these tall cylinders are set out to dry for about a week.

Designer Ian McIntyre, then uses a chisel and hammer to chip away at the rim to produce the rough, “broken” rim. Fine porcelain is exceptional at capturing and bringing to life even the smallest detail.

Being crafted by hand, each finished piece displays its own distinct form, blurring the line between art and function.

The inside of the vase is glazed with a clear glaze while the outside is left untouched, creating an intriguing tactile experience.


Details That Matter

Like all products at møbel og rum, each stage of production considers social and environmental impacts as much as the final, visual result.

Once the designer has completed the master moulds, they are sent to the ceramics factory, Den Danske Keramikfabrik on the Danish island of Bornholm. Known for its long-established crafts culture and focus on environmentally conscious living, Bornholm aims be a self-sufficient island soon relying only on sustainable energy sources. In line with this, the factory strives to operate entirely on solar energy.

At the factory, more moulds are cast and from these the vases are made. When done, the vases are sent to Copenhagen for inspection and packaging at Hans Knudsens Institute, which is a socio-economic, nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people with mental, physical or social barriers succeed in the workplace.



Ian Mcintyre
Originally designed in 2008, redeveloped in 2016 for M&R.