stationary - box of 3 series

cardboard & metal

M&R Stationary-2.jpg

The story behind

Everyone needs a nice box to hide their mess. But lets me honest, its just a box. That doesn’t mean it can’t be well made from quality materials and have a great story. when designing this series of boxes we call ‘Stationary’ we wanted to cut away all the unnecessary and focus on what really mattered.

These boxes are made from cardboard that is coloured through giving you the same panita on both sides. The boxes are assembled by hand and held together by metal fasteners. No glue is used. All of this takes place at ‘Hans Knudsens Institut’ in Copenhagen. HKI is a workshop for people with a social or mental disability. These boxes are honest, simple and timeless.

  • Dimensions: 3 sizes

  • 5 colours : Light grey, Light blue, Dark blue, maroon, brown